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How NVIDIA Got 273 Engaged Decision-Makers With A People-Based Strategy: A Detailed Guide For B2B Marketers


The AI-computing company has a revenue of $11B and produces graphic processing units that act as the brains of computers, robots, and self-driving cars.


What’s wrong with the new school of B2B marketing

There are two approaches to B2B marketing:

A. Old school–lead generation: marketing is concerned with getting leads, throwing them over the fence to the sales team, and everything from that point forward is on the sales organization.

B. New school–account orchestration: marketing asks, “How do we drive qualified accounts into the hands of sales”, blurring the line between sales and marketing into one revenue ops cycle. But …

… the problem is that for each of the targeted accounts you’re going after, you are an average of 9+ decision-making unit (DMU) members comprising 3+ varying core DMU roles.

So, as I pepper anybody from these accounts with messaging, it’s either irrelevant, of no interest to that individual or that decision-making unit role, or simply confusing.


A case for relevance

For NVIDIA, in any decision-making unit within an account that I’m going after, I've got: a) the staff-level individual who is checking my trials and demos, b) the C-level individual who is concerned with saving and making money, and c) the IT unit, who is the final decision-maker on whether to use my technology or not.

To be relevant, you have to create distinct swim lanes for each role and awareness stage, and get the right asset into the hands of that individual.

That is person-based marketing (PBM). That is what Influ2 does.

These granulated experiences allow you, for example, to go from 2% to 4% on site conversion.


Hitting the right person with the right song

It’s fantastic. We get in front of the DMU member with the right message at the right time at their stage of the journey.

After two campaigns run through Influ2, we got 273 engaged in-market DMU members of enterprise-level accounts into the hands of our sales organization.

We go from worrying about net new leads and MQL-ing, to touching decision-makers all the way through their journey, including mitigating churn and focusing on customer success.

That is how new school marketing should be done, that is revenue focused, and that is where Influ2 fits with us–the perfect foundational piece of technology that I would have in a stack.

—Ari Capogeannis,
Director, Revenue Marketing,

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