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How tech unicorn Amplitude lands enterprise clients using person-based marketing – a case study in numbers

About Amplitude

category leader for product intelligence

We help product teams engage, convert, and retain their users. In 2020, Amplitude surpassed $100M in annual recurring revenue and joined the unicorn club with a $1.1B valuation.


marketing and sales efforts alignment

Our TA is top-level management of enterprise companies (Chief Product Officers, VPs of Product, etc.). Targeting them with ads is like finding a needle in a haystack.

But sales should know who we are targeting and who they should speak to. Likewise, marketing should know exactly who sales is looking to engage with.

We believe showing ads to the audience your salespeople are not talking to is like watering rocks. So, we had to find a solution.



Person-based marketing (PBM) allows us to show ads to specific people and know who is engaging with our content name-by-name. Literally :)

Amplitude is getting data such as what ad did our targets click on, which pages did they view, and how long did they view these pages:

We are arming salespeople with the context of what to follow up with.

Q3 results

5.6x program ROI in 3 months

Amplitude got a 77% account match rate, and 56% of decision-makers were reached with ads. We are not talking about impressions just at the job-title level but on an individual basis.

Basically, we said to Influ2 “Here are the people we are trying to go after,” and we reached more than half of that list.

Now we are targeting decision-makers who understand what Amplitude does, can see the value of the product, and have the budget to buy it.

Our results in 3 months:

And the last number I’d like to share with you is the number of contacts in the PBM program: it’s growing 2x QoQ.

This means that our sales team understands the value of this program, and they are coming to us saying, “The PBM is working, we need more of this.” Frankly, that is music to my ears.

Marcus Akerland,
Amplitude’s senior manager
of performance marketing

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